Wool Classics Common Parts

www.commonparts.co.uk is a site devoted to making the updating of building common parts both easy and cost effective. Our service recognises the benefit of scales in these projects and thus achieves more cost effective purchasing and manufacturing to ensure your common parts are refreshed to a high standard whilst getting the best price.

There are thousands of buildings which feature common parts; from blocks of flats to hotels and conference centres. Our service is specifically dedicated to these projects. As such we are used to working with architects, designers, building managers and tenants bringing process and project management to an otherwise complex task.  Our ability to guide all the stakeholders to achieve a common agreement on style and requirement through expert guidance and visualisation ensures everyone loves the finished look and has the confidence that the materials used are of a commercial quality to withstand the everyday life of the building.

Wool Classics Common Parts services does not stop there, once your renovation is complete we ensure the right maintenance schedule is agreed and implemented. We ensure you have a contingency plan for unforeseen events and we can guide you on any further works.  Our focus is specifically to the interior design of the common parts, but we have close links with many other services should your requirement require building works.  We can offer simple interior replacement services, such as a new carpet or wallpaper through to complete re-designs from top to bottom.  Our project management team carefully evaluate every aspect of the project to ensure the minimum disruption to owners and tenants. We have consideration for noise, dust and safety at all times.